2023 Tales of Teacup Awardees

2023 The Tales of Teacup Six Awardees

This year we have a new author, Lily Li-Nagy, who published her poem “The Shape of Peace, Love, & Unity,” illustrated by her father Don Nagy, edited, and translated by her mom, Helen Ji Li.

Having worked with Helen as a translator and language teacher for over a decade, it was an opportunity to extend this year’s ‘Tales of Teacups’ awards to those who exhibited service to the Asian Community.

There are three awardees for the Teacups designed by Lily and Helen this year:

  • Michelle Wu, Mayor of Boston, MA
  • Kim Janey, CEO & President, EMPath, Boston, MA
  • Erin Naumann, Community Outreach, Showa Boston, MA
  • Charmaine

Publisher, Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe, has also created her teacups this year for the Gummy’s Garden Awardees:

  • Charmaine L. Arthur, CEO, Freedom House, Boston, MA
  • Milly Arbaje-Thomas, CEO, METCO, INC, Boston, MA
  • Erin Muirhead-McCarty, Executive Director, Community Art Center, Cambridge, MA
  • Kevin Royal Sibley, Interim CEO, Lena Park Community Development Corporation

The Awardees will have handpainted cups designed after the titled works.

Published by Rochelle O'Neal Thorpe

Publisher, Rochelle O'Neal Thorpe, is a graduate of Emerson College with a Master of Arts from the School of Communications in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). Rochelle obtained a Bachelors in Business Administration from UMass Amherst Isenberg School and minored in East Asian Studies: Chinese Language and Literature with additional studies in Japanese. She began writing her first published work 2009 and in 2019 Rochelle commemorated her 10th year as a publisher of authors under the imprint Wiggles Press. Wiggles Press has the vision to be a collaborative publisher that encourages authors to keep inspiring children with imagination and laughter.

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