Learning Japanese will give one the ability to understand Japan and her people. Speaking Japanese will also enable you to share your story and to make friends.


My favorite person shares how to study Japanese

To register for an Intro to Japanese class go to our link Register for selecting Beginning Japanese. The class begins with learning Hiragana to pronounce and write in Japanese. Then we will learn basic vocabulary words of animals, and basic everyday items in the home or at school.

Join Us on Thursdays from 1 pm for 30 minutes of Beginning Japanese



The Majestic Crane Artwork by Kaji Aso

Premier edition of a coloring book featuring the Artwork by Sensei Kaji Aso. Become acquianted with the journey of The Majestic Crane as retold by Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe’s unique experience with Asian Culture. This New Edition enables the reader to color pages and experience joyful expression in creativity.



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