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OnPoint topics are
for adults, parents, and caregivers.

I am a huge fan of the books written by Dr. Darlene Powell Hopson and her
husband Dr. Derek S. Hopson. They really have dedicated themselves to
diversity. I personally experienced bullying on the subject of Gender bias as a
straight Christian woman this was difficult to endure. I didn’t oppose the
transgender person – I opposed the skin-head tattoo on their ankle and the type
of values that symbol stood for as well as the types of evaluating I was encountering.
Being LGB didn’t give a pass to use the “N” word or the be intolerant
of others. It was troublesome to be teaching with a caregiver who was identify
with hate. Like the character in the 1961 “Westside Story,” willing
to do what it took to be in with the gang.

Because I considered myself a loving person. Having LGB teens at home and
having grown up in Boston’s Fenway Community, I was happy to see the progress
being made in political and social stances. Nevertheless, I found it difficult
to use “They” and not he, she, and it when addressing others. I also
found it hard to tolerate racism from people who prided themselves on the
gender identity.

In my neighborhood I was one who knew black men who placed their race not
their sexuality as a priority politically. In fact, James Baldwin set their
tone on this issue in his poetry and films. My dance teacher, mom’s best friend
George and neighbors did also. Today, I celebrate the progress of people who
during the 70s and 80s died of aids, it’s like they returned with a vengeance
in another generation.

The goal in parenting children is having a mutual respect and communication.
Establishing parental rights and understanding everyone’s desire to be safe. I
think age-appropriateness of topics as they arise should be had at home and
school regarding respect and bullying – I am still an advocate that parents
should approve sex education topics they feel they want their children to read.
Christian values on sex should no more be forced on LGB parents than LGB sexual
relation should be discussed without a parents approval and engagement. Children
are impressionable and get very stressed having to defend things their little
minds can’t comprehend or communicate.

Personally, a parental right to educate a child on topics should be
accompanied by a permission slip and parents given the right to opt out of any
discussion that isn’t developmentally appropriate. Parents should be educated
first – to decide how to participate in deeper discussions. I hope this book
will prepare you for our changing world – no one wants to be demonized.

This book will at least open your eyes to this changing world and the
standards other will hold you to – regardless of your gender, or ethnicity.

A recent article in The Christian Science Monitor Daily dated April 25, 2022 shared the importance of having books translated into Ukraine and Polish for children and families impacted by the current war in this region,

Update: Two books have been translated into Polish and we hope you will purchase a copy for child living there who has befriend eda child from Ukrane.

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